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Maguar Capital
The Entrepreneurial Software Investors

About Maguar

We are software entrepreneurs and investors based in munich. We pursue a specialised and sector-driven investment strategy, focusing exclusively on B2B software companies in the DACH region. We partner with founder-run small cap technology firms to scale their business to „achieve the next level”. With our own entrepreneurial background as founders and former CEOs of software companies, Maguar differentiates itself and adds value by offering extensive software expertise and proven operational experience as well as an extensive industry-specific network paired with deep transaction know-how.

Our Investment Criteria

B2B Software

Small Cap Buy-outs


"Good to great" investments

Our Value Creation

Maguar has a very focused and thematic investment strategy. We primarily invest in small-cap B2B software companies in DACH. The majority of small cap software transactions we pursue show similar value levers. At Maguar we understand these challenges well and have successfully improved these factors in the past to accelerate growth.

Transition To SaaS

Support founders with best practices for transitioning to SaaS and recurring revenue models.

Organisational Improvement

Strengthen top management and help to complement team with proven experts for specific challenges.

Sales Efficiency Enhancement

Optimize sales conversions with a focus on customer value and an integrated marketing/sales system.

Pricing and Licensing Optimization

Develop comprehensive pricing and top-notch licensing strategies to capture maximum value through sharing our experience.

Market Consolidation

Accelerate growth through effective add-on acquisitions.

Scalable Tech Stack

Enhance application efficiency, accelerate development cycles and focus on user centric feature development.

Professional Services Transformation

Transformation of legacy time and material service delivery towards robot process automated services.

We work alongside management and support their ambition to drive a long-term and sustainable growth agenda and drive operational best practices and efficiencies. We are software experts and aim to deliver superior value by supporting management teams to navigate those challenges.


Michael Friedrich

Investment Manager

Viviane Hegenbart

Legal Analyst

Jörg Helten


Matthias Ick

Founding Partner

Patrick Kitzmueller-Schuetz


Valentin Lenz

Senior Fund Controller

Johannes Losbichler

Investment Director

Giada Meschio

Office Management

Arno Poschik

Founding Partner

Anja Semling

Management Assistant

Hannah Siegler

Investment Manager

Gunther Thies

Founding Partner

Andreas Walleter

Investment Manager

Tiff & Henry



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