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About Vanilla.

We are a team passionate about web design, seo, mobile apps and creating software to help businesses succeed.

The Founders.

It all started in a garage. Not we are the #1 leaders in our industry with thousands of customers world wide.

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Josef Eisinger

Josef joined Maguar as of May 2024 as a member of the investment team. Prior to joining Maguar Capital, he worked at William Blair, focusing on sell- and buy-side mandates…

Joachim Deselaers

Joachim joined Maguar in April 2024 as Senior Fund Controller. He started his career at Deloitte, performing financial audits of capital management companies and securities funds. Prior to joining Maguar…

Felix Brugger

Felix joined Maguar in 2024 and is a member of the investment team. Prior to joining Maguar Capital, he worked at the Boston Consulting Group, where he focused on advising…

Jörg Helten

Jörg is the CFO of Maguar Capital. He has over two decades of finance and governance experience. Jörg started his career in corporate and investment banking before moving on to…

Tiff & Henry

Giada Meschio

Giada joined Maguar in November 2022 as Office Manager. Prior to joing Maguar she earned the C1 German language exam and then she studied translation and interpreting with focus on…

Anja Semling

Anja has been with Maguar since its inception. She works as Manager HR and Management Support and leads the Office Management and Assistance Team of Maguar. Prior to joining Maguar,…

Viviane Paßreiter

Viviane joined Maguar in 2022. Prior to joining Maguar, she worked as a law clerk in large international commercial law firms in various areas of commercial law at Baker McKenzie…

Valentin Lenz

Valentin joined Maguar in 2021 as Fund Controller and Finance Professional. Prior to joining Maguar he worked at PwC Luxembourg, focusing on Financial Audit of Private Equity Funds. Valentin earned…

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